Tancia Ltd T/A The Pen Warehouse strives to be a good corporate citizen, through its managers and through its employees. We are committed to promoting protection of the environment; supporting charities and local communities; promoting equal opportunities; ensuring safe and efficient working practices; and working with suppliers who uphold similar values.

This Policy lays out the commitments The Pen Warehouse has made to Corporate Social Responsibility and towards operating in a socially responsible manner. The Pen Warehouse believes that we should lead by example, this means acting in a way that is ethically correct.

A number of policies are linked to The Pen Warehouse CSR Policy these include:

  • Sustainability & Environmental Policies
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Family Friendly Policy

Local Communities

The Pen Warehouse aims to make the communities in which we work better places to live and do business and we are sensitive to the local community’s cultural, social and economic needs. We endeavor to protect and preserve the environment and support causes within our local communities.
We hold regular meetings with local residents and keep them up to date and informed of all company operations that may affect them in any way. We are also committed to responding to any concerns raised by our local residents.

Charity Fund Raising

The Pen Warehouse and staff members aim to support various Charities through internal fundraising activities and taking part in charity days. Any money raised as a direct result of activities will go directly to that charity. We also support staff, clients and customers who partake in charitable events.

Supporting Local Charities

The Pen Warehouse is committed to supporting local charities and participates in regular and ongoing food bank initiatives. We also regularly donate products and supplies to local schools and non-profit organizations.


All Pen Warehouse staff have access to recycling facilities and all buildings have recycling schemes in place.


We aim to source all of our stationery and products from companies who operate their own sustainability policies.


The Pen Warehouse seeks to be honest and fair in our relationships with its customers. Provides the standards of product and service that have been agreed and takes all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and quality of products or services that it produces.


The Pen warehouse seeks to be honest and fair in our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, and pays suppliers and subcontractors in accordance with agreed terms. Has a policy not to offer, pay or accept bribes or substantial favors and encourage suppliers and subcontractors to abide by the same standards and principles.